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Thanks to my rad hubby I can officially say I am a stay-at-home mom (I've been an art teacher for 8 years, but made the leap to s-a-h-m) and I can't tell you how exciting that is to me...but I guess I'm sort of going to try. Through this blog.

I'm probably too sarcastic, too sensitive, too untidy, too honest, and I tend to tell people more than they care to know---conciseness is perhaps not my strong suit. The fact that I now have two blogs might also mean I'm a bit too narcissistic.

And in case you were wondering, my name is Brooke.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Theine Thursday...?

I think it would be helpful (for myself) to have designations for certain days of the week...on this blog. More than the trite Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday used by so many others.

It's getting late, I'm getting tired, so to help come up with some ridiculous examples of a day-of-the-week designation I just googled "funny words that start with M" and apparently the only people who have taken enough interest in listing "funny" words by letter are 10th grade boys. My estimation is based on the fact that I wouldn't deem any of the "funny" words funny as much as I would deem them offensive. Sophomoric. Derogatory. Crass. So I'm (you're) left with whatever my hazy brain can come up with just before nodding off to sleep.

Here's my best:

Muffin Monday, where I write about delicious muffins I've either eaten or baked.

Tuesday's Toes, where I covertly photograph someone's toes in public and then post it on my blog.

Wednesday Woes, where I complain about anything I can think of.

Thursday Threads! Where I talk about thread that you sew with. Polyester thread. Cotton thread. Blue thread. Etc..

Forgotten Friday, where I forget to blog simply because it's Friday.

And so on. Perhaps there are some better ideas. Perhaps I'll think of some in the morning. Or maybe the middle of the day. I'm really more a middle-of-the-day person. The possiblities are nearly endless.

If you stumble upon this blog, feel free to flood me with your ideas. I'm not married to any of mine, yet. Except maybe the toes one.


  1. Haha!! I want to see you trying to anonymously trying to photograph someone's toes!! =)

  2. I'll give it my best try one of these days...