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Thanks to my rad hubby I can officially say I am a stay-at-home mom (I've been an art teacher for 8 years, but made the leap to s-a-h-m) and I can't tell you how exciting that is to me...but I guess I'm sort of going to try. Through this blog.

I'm probably too sarcastic, too sensitive, too untidy, too honest, and I tend to tell people more than they care to know---conciseness is perhaps not my strong suit. The fact that I now have two blogs might also mean I'm a bit too narcissistic.

And in case you were wondering, my name is Brooke.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good conversation and Thai food

Today Ellis and I had lunch with a dear friend. We talked (Ellis mostly stared at the nearby restaurant patrons, who at first thought it was cute but then I'm pretty sure felt slightly awkward about her unwavering interest in them) I was saying, we talked, among other things, about meaning in life, meaning in the what of what we do, and how much of it matters to God. We decided (as good friends are often able to do when immersed in some good conversation with a heaping plate of Thai food sitting in front of them) that the what isn't as important as the how. Meaning, the question of 'how does one bring glory to God --by selling art on Etsy?', for instance (or not selling, as is too often the case...) is less relevant than the question 'how do I bring glory doing whatever it is I'm doing?' Well I can start by being grateful for the gifts I've been given and the desire I've been given to create. I could also start by ceasing to curse under my breath (or sometimes over my breath) when something isn't working the way I want it to---that's right sewing machine, I'm talking to you. And on and on...we had a long lunchandEllisiswakingup!

I'm curious about other thoughts, no matter how loosely related, others may have on this subject. My little darling is waking up so I can't ruminate any longer---but I'd love to read any of your thoughts. How's that for a sudden end to what might have been a thoughtful blog post??


  1. First, congrats on being a SAHM. It's a great feeling, but make sure you keep some things sacred just for YOU. Trust me on this ;P

    Second, you read my blog today, so you know I'm definitely thinking about/doubting my own relevance in the world. The question of, "How does what I do matter?" comes up often in this mommy's brain, and when it does, I remember a skit I saw at Women of Faith one year. It's called the Invisible Woman by Nicole Johnson (you can see it here: and it changed my life. If you haven't seen it, watch it. If you have, then be blessed again with the truth of it. It's difficult to feel like we're bringing glory to God by scrubbing our toilets or even doing something simple like blogging, but it's the motive of the heart that counts, not the action. We are not invisible :)

    P.S. I love Thai food!

  2. Thank you! I will definitely check that out. And thanks for commenting :) I really appreciate your thoughts.

  3. ummm love the new blog. I always love your thoughts and seeing an occasional pic of your leading lady. However, did I miss the part on sahm??? Congrats and happy bday!

  4. Thanks Kat! Ellis and I were all set to come to your party this afternoon (albeit a little late) and walked out the door only to realize that Gabe had the car seat with him at an in-service he had to go to for work. Boo.

  5. So, who is the ultimate creator? God of course. He loves to do art. Just look at everything he has created in this world! He loves colors, I think he enjoys painting every night and sometimes in the morning. (I don't always catch those). So, when we do creating, we're not trying to BE God, but we are being "like" God. It's satisfying to finish a project! But, the single most thing that's helped me in my SAHM quest has been MOPS. Which should be BIG in your area!! It has definitely helped to make me a better mom, wife, friend. But, it also sounds like you have some great friends in the faith that help challenge you too! I know I've said before, Congrats on your new SAHM status!! IT's the craziest job you'll ever LOVE!! =)